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Appleton, MN. class of 1967 40year reunion

AHS1967I had a really great time at my 40 year reunion in Appleton, Minnesota. I created a website so we can share stories and photos and prepare for our next reunion in 2012. The address of the AHS1967 reunion website is

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Lea visits family in Minnesota

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Walleye Warren

Warren Oglesby caught 3 walleyes this size in Appleton, MN. July 4, 199?.


Owsley Stanley “long strange trip” back to the Bay area.

Augustus Owsley Stanley III, still known as “Bear” is now 72. Bear agreed to give The San Francisco Chronicle an interview because a friend asked him. He has rarely consented to speak to the press about his life, his work or his unconventional thinking on matters such as the coming ice age or his all-meat diet.

The name Owsley became a noun that appears in the Oxford dictionary as English street slang for good acid. It is the most famous brand name in LSD history. Probably the first private individual to manufacture the psychedelic, “Owsley” is a folk hero of the counterculture, celebrated in songs by the Grateful Dead and Steely Dan.

As the original sound mixer for the Grateful Dead, Owsley was responsible for fundamental advances in audio technology, things as basic now as monitor speakers that allow vocalists to hear themselves on stage. His habit of making tape recordings of the shows he mixed also gave the Dead an unprecedented archive of live recordings dating back to the band’s first days.

By conservative estimates, Bear Research Group made more than 1.25 million doses of LSD between 1965 and 1967, essentially seeding the entire modern psychedelic movement.

Owsley maintains his own Web site ( where he sells his sculpture and posts various diatribes and essays.

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07/07/07 Summer of Love (1967) was 40 years ago.

summer of Love I will be going to my 40 year high school reunion next month. The summer of 1967 is featured in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Their list of the top 40 albums from 1967 illustrates the significance of that year. I did not catch up with that scene until ten years later.

1967 Top 40 albubs1967 Top 40 albums 21967 Top 40 albums 3

Click this link to read about each album and access a larger image starting with the Doors.
Several articles also describe The legacy of 1967.


Importing photos from Picasa Web

art oglesby

I am importing this photo by pasting in code provided by Picas Web. Various thumbnail size options are available. Clicking on this thumbnail takes you to the larger photo in my Picasaweb album. I think I will use this from now on.

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Bob Halvorson funeral

My friend, Bob Halvorson died June 1, 2007 from liver cancer at age 56. Some of his classmates asked if I would take their photo. I said they might try finding it on the internet by doing a image search for Art Oglesby and Appleton. The high res photos are in my ARTiFactor Picasaweb album titled Appleton class of 1968.
Bob Halvorson


Lost access to my blog

When I built my new computer, I no longer had autofill to sign in to this blog. I tried every combination of user ID and e-mail address I could think of. Nothing worked. Blue Host support recommended changing it it in my data matrix. The step by step instructions resulted in a successful reset. I hope I can get back into daily blogging again.


A visit to a bank in Winona, MN.

Winona Bank
Como Park Family

March 2, 2007 snowstorm

snow434tWe had two snow storms back-to-back with about 12″ each as Feb. turned into March. I had a hard time finding where to put thep1000432.JPG snow in the back alley. My brother, Russ, and his family got out of Marshall just in time so they could watch their son, Sam, wrestle in the state tournies.