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Schweiss Reunion in Minnesota 2008

Del and Ruth (Schweiss) Mayhew familyMy wife, Ann Mayhew, and I went to a Schweiss Reunion in Minnesota the first Saturday in August, 2008. Ann’s mother was a Schweiss and had lots of brothers and sisters. Dick Schweiss has a Schweiss genealogy website if you want the total picture.
To see photos and videos of the Schweiss reunion go to our Schweiss Reunion web site. You can sign up and have your own page where you can upload pictures and tell us about yourself and your family.


I created website in celebration of the Schweiss reunion

The weather was perfect. The food and drink were plentiful. We all had a great time.

This Schweiss website is where we can continue to share and communicate. Please join. Look at photos, watch videos, take part in discussions in the forums.

Ann Mayhew gave me a copy of her speech that introduces everyone who came to the Schweiss reunion (click to read it).

I hope Dick Schweiss is able to enjoy what he had to miss because of a cancelled flight. Be sure to check out his Schweiss genealogy website (click on the link).