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Rocky Mountain Panoramas

I stiched together some photos.
Click on them to see the large version.


I went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota

I went to the Star Wars Exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota and they allowed photography.

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Daily Food, 7-28 to 8-4

Daily Food

Daily food, Aug 6-14

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Como Park Alliance

Welcome to Como Park

Living in Como Park is great. I am within walking distance from a conservatory, a zoo, a lake, a golf coarse, a wonderful natural woods, and many, many activities that are going on almost nightly.

Como Park is almost too much of a good thing judging from the traffic and parking congestion.

I just wrote about joining a group of people called the Como Park Alliance on my website.

Click the link to read about how the Como Park Alliance was started, what their goals are, and some of the things they have already accomplished.

You can follow their activities by going to the Como Park Alliance website.

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Schweiss Reunion in Minnesota 2008

Del and Ruth (Schweiss) Mayhew familyMy wife, Ann Mayhew, and I went to a Schweiss Reunion in Minnesota the first Saturday in August, 2008. Ann’s mother was a Schweiss and had lots of brothers and sisters. Dick Schweiss has a Schweiss genealogy website if you want the total picture.
To see photos and videos of the Schweiss reunion go to our Schweiss Reunion web site. You can sign up and have your own page where you can upload pictures and tell us about yourself and your family.

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Burdock Bust at Como Park Woodland Outdoor Classroom

I went to help with the Burdock Bust behind the Como Park Pool this morning at 9 am. I decided to video tape what they were doing instead and write it up for my COMOPARK.US website. The video can be seen by clicking below.

Burdock Bust at the Como Park Woodland from Art Oglesby on Vimeo.
EcoPartners youth crew, Community Service Stars (from METP), and Jonna’s summer Youth Job Corps crew did some digging of burdock plants today, but mostly removed burdock flower heads to keep them from reseeding in the Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom project site.

The Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom project site is located just west of the Como Park swimming pool parking lot.

Kare 11 just featured a video of the Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom on Minnesota Bound (click the link to watch it). The Classrood segment start about 12 minutes into the show.


I created website in celebration of the Schweiss reunion

The weather was perfect. The food and drink were plentiful. We all had a great time.

This Schweiss website is where we can continue to share and communicate. Please join. Look at photos, watch videos, take part in discussions in the forums.

Ann Mayhew gave me a copy of her speech that introduces everyone who came to the Schweiss reunion (click to read it).

I hope Dick Schweiss is able to enjoy what he had to miss because of a cancelled flight. Be sure to check out his Schweiss genealogy website (click on the link).

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Daily Food July 27, 08

Daily Food

Daily Food July 26, 08