Community opposes Hamline Midway Library closing

I went to Mayor Coleman’s community meeting Tues. night to hear discussion about the proposed budget cuts for Saint Paul. The hottest topic seemed to be the proposed closing of the Hamline Midway Library. I posted some videos and more information about the Hamline Midway Library closing on my website (click link to view).

Using Twine to enable learning current science

I first started reading Nova Spivack‘s blog “Minding the Planet” when I was beta testing Six Apart’s Typepad blogging tool. I remember a post in 2004 titled, “Minding the Planet: From Semantic Web to Global Mind”. I have been waiting four years to be part of this vision and my wait is almost over. Over […]

Owsley Stanley “long strange trip” back to the Bay area.

Augustus Owsley Stanley III, still known as “Bear” is now 72. Bear agreed to give The San Francisco Chronicle an interview because a friend asked him. He has rarely consented to speak to the press about his life, his work or his unconventional thinking on matters such as the coming ice age or his all-meat […]