I usually like to note these notable dates with a blog post. I remember in 04/04/04 I wrote my first blog post with a Six Apart serice called TypePad. I had been a beta tester of that blogging tool before that. Too bad that when I stopped paying for their service all my posts disappeared. I have them saved somewhere. I just need to figure out how to make them appear on this hosting service.


This day was notable because it was the day my brother hit bottom, quit drinking, and entered a treatment program.


I wrote a post that this was the 40th birthday of “The summer of love” and my 40 year Appleton high school graduation in 1967.


Community Organizer

I feel I am entering a new phase of activities. Tonight I meet with my Saint Paul City Council representative, Russ Stark, as a community activist concerned about the future in Como Park, where I live. I have been involved with my Como Park Community Council (District 10) since last summer. One of my goals was to improve 2-way communication between my neighborhood and city government. A new District 10 Como Community Council website is something I helped with as a member of the D10 communications committee.

I also have created my own Community website call comopark.us. I played an active part in the Como Park swimming pool redevelopment and communicated the process of designing the new pool. It still needs financing and I will follow the process.

I also joined the Como Park Alliance and continue their mission –

To preserve the park’s rich history and natural environment to ensure the integrity of the park for the future through partnerships, proactive activities and education.

Video Production

Last night I went to training for the use of professional grade video cameras. Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) allows the use of their video production equipment, studios, and editing suites if the resulting production is aired on public access cable.

I plan to produce a video promoting the use of the Como Park Shuttle service which will reduce traffic and parking problems around the Como park Campus.

I also hope to volunteer helping teens produce videos.

Bike Rebuilding

I started going to the Sibley Bike Depot where volunteers rebuild bikes to donate and also help kids fix their bikes. (video)

I need to quit for now so I can publish this at 9 minutes after 9am on 09/09/09.

Science Museum

I forgot to mention that I still am going in every Wed to volunteer at Collector’s Corner at the Science Museum Of Minnesota. I also am paid to blog about Current Science on their Buzz Blog.

About the Author

First born of eleven, raised in Appleton, MN. High School class of 1967. University of Minnesota B.S. in physics Education. Taught ninth grade physical science for ten years at Delano, MN. Lived in the woods for 20 yrs. Got married at age 30. Received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from N.W.C.C. and practiced Chiropractic in Appleton, MN. for ten years. Also owned, rented, and sold about a dozen real estate parcels in Appleton. Moved to Como Park, Saint Paul, MN. 1996. Did hospice care for my father-in-law until he died. Volunteer at the Japanese Garden in Como Park. Also volunteer at Collector's Corner at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Sold antiques and collectables for about ten years. Currently, I blog for the SMM "Buzz Blog" as ARTiFactor.

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