Como Park Alliance

Welcome to Como Park

Living in Como Park is great. I am within walking distance from a conservatory, a zoo, a lake, a golf coarse, a wonderful natural woods, and many, many activities that are going on almost nightly.

Como Park is almost too much of a good thing judging from the traffic and parking congestion.

I just wrote about joining a group of people called the Como Park Alliance on my website.

Click the link to read about how the Como Park Alliance was started, what their goals are, and some of the things they have already accomplished.

You can follow their activities by going to the Como Park Alliance website.

About ARTiFactor

My dream is to help create a MOOC that will enable world wide Digital Literacy. I envision a map of learning activities for raising one’s digital literacy competencies. Learners could jump in at any time, anywhere on the map, and find guidance to master that particular skill set. The map would be dynamic, continually being improved and expanded, much like in wikipedia.

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