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My friend, Bob, is liquidating his collection of books online. He is using LibraryThing to create a database including title, author, reviews, tags, etc. I really like what his author tagcloud looks like. The more books one has by an author, the bigger the font is for that tag. If you exclude authors from the tag cloud you will see that pc_bob has mostly science fiction. LibraryThing also has a fun statistics page for pc_bob.

Here is a link to Bob’s book collection.

By ARTiFactor

My passion is learning how to learn. I would like to help design and create environments where learners are empowered to thrive by practicing and mastering digital literacies.

One reply on “pc_bob”

I am the Bob about whom my dear friend, Art, refers. I love books and am a bibliofile in the truest sense. I found online about a year ago, and simply love the product/community. Real bunch of book lovers at the website, and the tool, is simply one of neatest book collector’s tool I have ever played with.

Unfortunately the cancer will come along quickly and steal away the time I have left to see that my love (the books) find good homes. I will be getting more involved in the groups there at as a part of that effort, but sometimes the only place I get to online in a day is my mail, and then it is just back to bed and the pfft… the day is gone. So don’t be shy, if you would you like to talk directly either about, the last days of my cancer, about specific books you might be interested in giving a home… don’t hesitate to write directly to me at

Thanks again, Art

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