Last time I wrote a blog post here was 09/09/09. Time to revive this blog.

I have had a thing for 11/11 ever since my dad died. The day he died was on 11/11 and at that time he had 11 children and 11 grandchildren. Whenever I notice a digital clock showing 11:11 I remember my dad and think maybe he is sending me a reminder.

Once, on Nov. 11th, when waiting on a customer, I asked what the date was. I then glanced at the computer and noticed the time was also 11:11:11. Chills.


Science Museum of Minnesota

I retired from volunteering at the Science Museum’s Collector’s Corner. After 11 years I am now entitled to life time benefits, or emeritus status.

HaHa even though I was not finished with this post I clicked publish at eleven minutes after 11 am this eleventh day of November and was told I had 111 words so far.

After more than five years, I also gave up my job as a current science blogger. (link takes you to 100s of my posts)

Sibley Bike Depot

I have also gone inactive at Sibley Bike Depot but before I left I helped write their 2011-2013 Strategic Plan.

Free Geek Twin Cities

Free Geek Twin Cities is where I now spend most of my volunteering time. Since I started with them we have gone from Saturdays only to Sat., Sun., and Wed. hours. I am responsible for opening up on Wed. from 12 to 5.

Our mission is to recycle technology and provide access to computers, the internet, education and job skills in exchange for community service.

My contribution has been to create a thrift store and marketing plan that will produce  $1000/month we need for rent, and to provide educational guidance to volunteers as they turn broken down computers into computers we can either sell for about $40 or grant for free to qualified individuals.

I also contribute to our Facebook Page and our Google +1 Page. I am currently working on converting and redesigning our website using WordPress’ content management system.

Web Design

Speaking of websites, I did a redesign and update for the Department of Pharmacology, University of Minnesota’s School of Medicine website. Kept me busy for most of the summer. I am still on a retainor to do weekly updates.

Social Security Checks

Last week was a real milestone. I got my first social security check!

Community Communications

As I mentioned in my 09/09/09 post, I want to facilitate communications within my community and between it and the governments it resides within. In addition to my community website, and the website, I agreed to be Forum Manager for a Como Park Neighborhood Forum that is part of We currently have more than half of the 100 members required to be open for discussions. Here is a link to my membership drive kickoff post.

Video Production

I continue to shoot videos and most recent ones are found on my ARTiFactor YouTube Channel. Two years ago the videos were 480p resolution. For 2010 I bought a camera that was 720p HD (high definition). Even my one year old iPod Touch 4 shoots 720HD. Soon, very soon I hope, I will have equipment to shoot 1080p resolution video. YouTube now allows video uploads longer than 10 minutes. I have one that is 48 minutes. A 12X zoom really helps, too, to “get in their face”. I am also upconverting VHS and Hi8 videos from as far back as 1988! Hopefully when I revamp this website I will have an easy way to navigate and access my archive of photos and videos.

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