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Computer basics: designing a learning activity

Art volunteers at Free Geek Twin Cities (fgtc). Their mission is to recycle or reuse unwanted computers and to help reduce the digital divide. By volunteering at fgtc, participants can learn various digital literacies, and after 24 hours of service, they get a $40 credit toward computer components. Art’s task is to design a learning activity that […]


WOW! Last time I wrote a blog post here was 09/09/09. Time to revive this blog. I have had a thing for 11/11 ever since my dad died. The day he died was on 11/11 and at that time he had 11 children and 11 grandchildren. Whenever I notice a digital clock showing 11:11 I remember […]


04/04/04 I usually like to note these notable dates with a blog post. I remember in 04/04/04 I wrote my first blog post with a Six Apart serice called TypePad. I had been a beta tester of that blogging tool before that. Too bad that when I stopped paying for their service all my posts […]

I am concerned about my ash trees

I am concerned about my ash trees

I posted all the information and links I could find about emerald ash borer beetles and ash trees over on my website. There are a lot of ash trees in Como Park and in Saint Paul (50,000 I think). Minnesota has more ash trees than all other states except for Maine.

Codex Seraphinianus

Codex Seraphinianus

Last weekend, at my nephew’s high school graduation, I looked on with growing puzzlement as a group of his friends paged through a book titled Codex Seraphinianus. The script was alien and has of yet not been deciphered. The layout resembled a primer or mini-encyclopedia explaining basic concepts from an alternate reality. The page numbers […]

Final Como pool design approved by task force

The Como Pool design task force voted to approve for final report preparation the refined schematic design that was presented Monday, April 20. Click this link to see the web page describing the final Como Pool design

Dayton's Bluff self guided auto tour

Dayton’s Bluff self guided auto tour

We went on a self-guided auto tour of Dayton’s Bluff yesterday (click link to download). Click on thumbnails to see full size.

Town Hall meeting – Ellen Anderson

I went to the town hall meeting at the Como Park Pavilion Sat. morning, Feb 28, 2009. Senator Ellen Anderson addressed the group then responded to questions and made note of suggestions. Town Hall Meeting, Ellen Anderson from Art Oglesby on Vimeo.

Community opposes Hamline Midway Library closing

I went to Mayor Coleman’s community meeting Tues. night to hear discussion about the proposed budget cuts for Saint Paul. The hottest topic seemed to be the proposed closing of the Hamline Midway Library. I posted some videos and more information about the Hamline Midway Library closing on my website (click link to view).

Como Park pool replacement process

Como Park pool replacement process

Last fall the City of Saint Paul explained the process for redeveloping the Como Park swimming pool. The adjacent Woodland Classroom and McMurray Field area along with their parking and traffic needs will be included in the redesign. I put up a video and explanation of the Como Pool replacement process at I applied […]